Package Truck

Categorised under tip trailers type, Tata’s Package trucks are one of the best fuel efficient options available in the market with power packed performance and high load carrying capacity. Package Truck is regarded as one of the popular trucks in Bangladesh market for the pounding torque it produce, heavier than heavy load it carries and yet runs on low maintenance.

Talking about the applications, it could easily carry ore and minerals, coal and other mining stuff with able to deliver construction material for suppliers and builders like sand, cement, stone and more.

TATA Package Truck is the improved and mechanically advanced version of the TATA LPS 4018 and this power house is able to carry your goods in more speeder and environmental friendly manner to ease your job.

TATA LPS 4018 is fitted with a 5883 cc Cummins engine and able to carry 49,000 Kg.