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From a trading company in early eighties, Nitol Motors Limited has literally become a household name in less than twenty years. Over the years, it has expanded its activities into different sectors in order to ensure excellence in service to the customers. Because of its continuous diversification, it has shaped itself as a true conglomerate from its original identity as a transport based organisation. This was the dream of Mr. Abdul Matlub Ahmad, which he had in his student days in Oxford. With strong support of dedicated management team, he made his dream come true. But like he says "This is just the beginning of good times, best is yet to come".

The main thrust of Nitol Motors Limited comes from, marketing TATA brand of commercial vehicles in Bangladesh including Buses, trucks, passenger version pickup trucks, Maxi and construction equipment. Since 1991, it commenced assembly and building body of TATA vehicles, popular in the country for its economy and excellent value for money, unique pay-as you-earn marketing system and complete after sales service.

Nitol Motors Limited has a strong, diversified profile in Bangladesh. It has opted for trading assembling of vehicles, bus body making, after sales support, transport and aviation services, financial institutions, manufacturing industries, real state including building of satellite townships, properties development and sports promotion. The group annual turnover is estimated to cross taka 500 cores. New enterprise is being implemented. Nitol Motors Limited is looking at a new horizon of attainable dreams. For Nitol Motors Limited, “sky is the limit”

Beginning in the early 1980's, Nitol Motors
started commercial ventures through the
import of vehicles from England and Japan
In 1983, "Nitol Motors (Pvt.) Ltd" has become an
institutionalized form.
In 1985, the company got the dealership of
India's leading automobile company "The
Hindustan Motors Ltd".
In 1987, Japan's world-renowned motor
vehicle manufacturer established a
business relationship with "Mitsubishi's
Indian branch Aisar".
In the continuation of development, in 1989, the
institution received the sole distributorship of
Bangladesh in all types of vehicles of "Tata
Motors", India's leading manufacturing company.
In 1991, Nitol Motors Ltd. and Tata Motors unveiled
a new dimension in the transport
sector of Bangladesh by adding carriage and
vehicle parts.