LPO 1515

Designed using the most superior technology, Nitol Motors' range of Tata school buses and public transport buses provide a reliable performance at a competitive price.

Nitol Motors' public transport buses and school buses have consistently delivered comfort, safety and price. These buses can handle the toughest terrains and offer efficiency, ergonomic and convenience to travellers and operators alike.

LPO 1512

The LPO 1512 Buses are primarily intended for everybody intercity travel and for commuting between the city and its outskirts. Sturdy as well as comfortable, the buses are fuel-efficient with great mileage and have the least downtime.

Ideally suited for all kinds of Bangladesh road conditions, the buses in the sub-Urban category is capable of making several trips in the day and thus are great value for money. Better runtimes and improved operating economy make the buses perfect for stage carriage applications where efficiency is determined by time.

Highway Mini

Highway Mini buses from Nitol Motors are the most dependable partner for School, office, Staff & travellers on the city roads. The buses are available in 20 seater options. The buses are considered to be the best utility vehicle in the public transport network.

The comfort and ease of drive features make CityRide buses an ideal choice for various applications ranging from school transport to sub-urban travel or as a staff & contract carrier. The sturdy built buses come with features that ensure better performance making them economical and a great value for money purchase for operators.

LPO 1316

Nitol Motors offers the most diverse LPO 1316 Bus Chassis ranging from specially built buses to the scientifically designed.

Whether you are looking for a bus for an inter-city journey or one designed especially for school-going children, you can be sure that we cover the entire gamut. We have specifically designed products both in terms of fully built buses and bus chassis for multiple applications.

Travelling from one city to another by bus can be a great journey if the bus is built great. In keeping with this thought Nitol Motors introduced Tata LPO 1316 - The bus that’s styled for long distance travel comfort.

LP 909

Tata buses are known for their comfort and style, and Tata LP 909 Bus is no different. Driven by 497 Tata 3783 cc, the bus offers power of 66 Kw at 2400 rpm and torque of 325 Nm at 1300-1600 rpm. 

With a powerful Semi elliptical leaf spring and Hydraulic double acting telescopic type suspension (at front and rear), it is equipped enough to move through rough surfaces without those heavy jolts. Dimensioned at a max width of 2140 mm and a length of 8895 mm, TATA LP 909 Bus comes with a wheelbase of 4920 mm.

LP 709 Bus

With a gross weight of 7450kg and wheelbase of 4200 mm, Tata LP 709 bus chassis is ideal for applications like school, staff and city bus. Tata LP 709 bus chassis is customizable for body fabrication from your favorite body builders.